RAIL WORLD LLC                            


A railway management, consulting and investment corporation specializing in privatizations and restructurings.  Its purpose is to promote rail industry privatization by bringing together government bodies wishing to sell their stakes with investment capital and management skills. Rail World was incorporated in July 1999 by Edward A. Burkhardt, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer.

United States and Canada

Mr. Burkhardt is President of The San Luis Central Railroad Company, a short line railway based in Monte Vista, Colorado, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway, a regional carrier serving the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


Mr. Burkhardt is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AS Baltic Rail, based in Tallinn, which is developing the Finland - Baltic States Poland rail corridor involving automatic change of track gauge at the Lithuania / Poland border.   He led the Estonian Railways privatization in 2001 and served as Chairman of its Supervisory Board until it was repurchased by the Estonian government in early 2007.


He is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rail Polska, based in Warsaw.  Rail Polska completed two short-line railway acquisitions in early 2003: Kolex (based in Oświecim) and ZecTrans (based in Wrocław).  Rail Polska has been granted unrestricted operator license on the Polish rail network, and commenced long-haul train operations, primarily handling power-station coal, in October 2003.  Rail Polska is currently expanding rapidly in the deregulated European rail marketplace.